What started as a journey of self-discovery and exploration resulted in an opening of a whole new dimension, where the wisdom of ages met modern investigations to help cure ailments which were only restricted to discussions behind closed doors.

Yogic training and guidance along with Ayurvedic treatments have become the building blocks of what Fortitude stands for today.

Fortitude resonates the same belief, where Ayurveda and Yoga can together help in preventive and effective treatments for women with hormonal imbalances & menopausal issues.

To provide women with healing which holistically cleanses mind, body and soul, and deliver a powerful catalyst to a balanced lifestyle is what we desire to communicate

Using society activities as the format/medium, we created a campaign where users were allowed to interact with the service provider directly at the ease of their homes and living premises. The engagement helped to spread awareness, which was one strong motive of the brand.

Although the purpose was not sales but it definitely helped !

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