The antidote to boring gyms, MULTIFIT is a melting pot of fitness insanity with personal trainers & the very best functional equipment.

While Multifit had presence, it was not doing much to drive new customer enquiries. Other local gyms had a stronger customer base and far greater visibility in search engines. They wanted to not only catch up to competitors, but transform the gym into the ‘go-to destination’ for anyone looking for a health club in the local area.

Social Media Strategy Multifit’s primary goals were to create awareness about the gym and to engage with fitness enthusiasts . We analysed the performance of the page after putting up a good mix of content for the first month and discovered that actual images received greater engagement as compared to illustrated creatives. After this, we followed a simple yet effective approach - focus on well-shot image of visitors and trainers in action at gym for the daily content that went up on their social media channels.

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