Akamai Channel Partner Meets

Akamai Channel Partner Meets

Problem Statement: Throughout the year, Akamai Technologies conducts Channel Partner meets where they discuss Akamai’s capabilities to support their partner brands expand, be more secure and grow their online business. These meetings also facilitate networking and a business development opportunity for Akamai. But how to make this repetitive event interesting and something the participants look forward to attending?

Our Approach/Response: Honestly there was not much scope – these were serious events so we couldn’t rope in traditional entertainment ploys. But we could keep changing the venue and have the guests indulge in aspirational luxury! We picked up unique informal venues where such events were never hosted. Be it The Catherine, the victorian style coffee house at a 5 star or the lavish living room of The presidential Suite at Taj Santacruz – we transformed this spaces to co branded spaces for Akamai and its channel partners, with a luxurious spread of food and liquor making the experience a little informal and more engaging, adding an experience to the event. Innovative, handcrafted giveaways were designed by our team leaving Akamai’s guests with a memorable experience with an intent to come back happily!

Our Philosophy

We feel the desire to make a difference, We are not afraid of failure.
We strive to make a dent in history and choose to stand out from among the crowd.