AO Smith 3D Product Film

AO Smith 3D Product Film

Problem Statement: Beat the existing designs that we admired so much ourselves and accentuate something new that would take it to the next level.

Our Approach/Response: We definitely have a record number of clients reaching out to us when in crisis. The previous alpha agency whose designs the company was benchmarking with had months to deliver them along with abundant budgets. But this time, there was neither as much surplus of funds nor time and hence the client brief was already rejected by two top agencies because of lack of time and budget. Éclat took it as a challenge and proposed a slightly older design technology that was used before the new 3D tools emerged and was far cheaper to deploy and easy to render.

Output: Designs were delivered in 7 days that were a notch higher from past designs. At the end, they cared about how it looked, not if it was made with the newest technology!

Our Philosophy

We feel the desire to make a difference, We are not afraid of failure.
We strive to make a dent in history and choose to stand out from among the crowd.