Mahindra Rise

The Event: When world leaders sit together over a meal, much more can be communicated than their conversation.

The symbolism inherent in any shared meal has the ability not only to create relationships but to define them as well.

While CARPE DIEM defines the intention to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future, the name deems fit for such an occasion. And hence an event called Carpe Diem was curated for the Diplomat’s Dinner organised by Anand Mahindra himself at his posh residential property at Jor Baug, Delhi.


Our Approach/Response: Being an HNI event with stringent security protocol, Éclat was picked as the agency to handle the event, due to our track record of flawless Project Management across events. We maintained our standard approach with this event too. Our project management started by a recce of the residential property that had to be transformed to an HNI event space. This was followed by designing the theme considering the transformation without causing any harm to the exquisite property of the Mahindras’. 

Following a successful design, applauded by the client the team started working on security protocols, and finer nuances of the event like welcoming guests with designer lapel pins, glamorous invites sealed with Mahindra wax seals, transparent hanger with just the right mood lights, darbans to welcome and a bar counter to welcome the guest to a gala night. 

Every event is incomplete without the perfect give-away to the guest. With an event witnessing Global Diplomats, the give away had to reflect our rich culture. Hence a designer spice box handcrafted in sheesham wood from the interiors of India filled with organic and authentic Indian spices was curated.

A list of services handles by Éclat include

  • Venue transformation Design
  • Event design and touchpoints
  • Theme and decor
  • HNI security protocol
  • Artist Management
  • Brand display
  • Gift curation
  • Travel and logistics

All this keeping within the budget assigned by the client. 


Output: A successful memorable event for a respectful client within his budget in the shortest possible turnaround time

Our Philosophy

We feel the desire to make a difference, We are not afraid of failure.
We strive to make a dent in history and choose to stand out from among the crowd.