Qedex by Qaspir

Qedex by Qaspir

Problem Statement: Qaspir – a leading Higher education consultant involved in professional development for faculty and staff, depended on conferences, events and training for awareness. It was hitting the dead end because of COVID 19. How to take such a traditional brand online and still have the same impact?

Our Approach/Response: We studied the market, trends and the limitations of virtual engagement and we concluded what no one wanted to hear – that Virtual conferences will not have the dire impact that Qaspir intends to make.

Eclat proposed a new product altogether – a never been done before common forum for higher education professionals. Our team of domain experts, designers and developers underwent rounds of iterative design thinking to understand and formulate the customer experience journey. We mapped this out to the detail, analysed user behaviour and conceived Qedex.org – the first global community for higher education.
After that, in the midst of the most stringent lockdowns in the world, we pooled together global educators to create courses for the platform. How? Our team of experts devised a mechanism to create world class content even while shooting from the homes of the educators. The raw footage created went through rounds of cleaning, animation, stitching, rigging and rendition for 3 levels of approvals. After stringent internal approvals, it was sent to Qaspir for final approval and platform uploads.

During the course of our interactions, Qaspir realised the commonalities that bind us and offered us a global retainer for their Marketing and communication efforts. Eclat took over the mandate and successfully launched the global platform of Qedex in 3 continents!

Our Philosophy

We feel the desire to make a difference, We are not afraid of failure.
We strive to make a dent in history and choose to stand out from among the crowd.