Problem Statement: Qure.ai develops deep learning algorithms that interpret radiology images using AI. The brand was looking for an agency that could understand medical technology and help develop explainer videos . They also wanted an agency that does not believe in the impossible and put up a booth for their X-ray van (mobile x-ray vehicle) at a Medical Expo at HCC (Hyderabad Convention Centre) 


Our Approach/Response: With our Founding Director coming from a medical background (Doctor herself), the task became a piece of cake both for the brand and the agency. The brand team would share a product deck and the Doctor would break it down into a creative story board for the design and animation team, and we would have the perfect explainer video that works!

And since we don’t understand the impossible, we constructed an X-ray van for Qure.Ai right inside the Hyderabad Convention Centre, where all other competitor vans were parked outside.

Our Philosophy

We feel the desire to make a difference, We are not afraid of failure.
We strive to make a dent in history and choose to stand out from among the crowd.